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Intellectual Business Law Attorney

The Law Offices of Jakob Bressendorf, P.L.L.C., have had extensive experience in litigating intellectual property matters involving businesses throughout Texas. Attorney Jakob Bressendorf has litigated more than 700 cases and worked years in the private sector while providing consultations for electrical designers.

Through his business practice in the private sector and extensive experience as a lawyer in preparing trademark and copyright applications and renewals, Jakob has a thorough understanding of the entire intellectual property process when it comes to copyrights and trademarks.

Trademark And Copyright Litigation Representation

For attorneys, understanding how to avoid disputes surrounding intellectual property issues is every bit as important as the ability to represent a client in court. Avoiding such pitfalls can only be accomplished by having thorough knowledge of this area of law and understanding how business is regularly conducted when it comes to copyrights and trademarks.

Jakob Bressendorf understands how to prevent these disputes from occurring. While working with sole proprietorships, partnerships, closely held businesses and large corporations, he brings along with it a thorough understanding of the unique concerns for each business entity. Jakob can examine the practices of your company and determine whether circumstances exist that could lead to conflict or misunderstanding.

Having practiced in the business world, Jakob can relate to the problems and challenges for all business owners. He is therefore willing to be responsive to your personal needs and concerns, including the challenges that every business faces. His understanding includes the practical implications for minimizing copyright and trademark disputes. Jakob also understands the costs that result when unresolved matters drag on. Jakob can propose realistic solutions so that both businesses involved in a dispute can move on to other things as quickly as possible.

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